Glyphics is a comprehensive design firm excelling in branding, corporate identity, packaging, book design, festival and event design, as well as exhibit and set design. Glyphics Design is owned by Terry Duffy and has been performing visual miracles for more than 25 years.

The birth name of Glyphics is rooted in Hieroglyphics. That remarkable image chiseled into a cave wall is what we are continuing to design today. This type of identity speaks to people and, in a glance, tells others who they are and what they stand for.

Our designs are well researched and thoughtfully created to incorporate the soul of a business. Our business is to make others proud of who they are and successful at doing what they love. We listen to our clients and take the history and knowledge from their past and present and project it into the future, allowing their identity to be timeless. Weaving other tools around this single mark, whether they are brochures, programs or large digital art, allow you to project your own identity in a bold and tasteful way that exudes quality and achieves success.

Our client’s success is paramount. After working on major music festivals and events, it’s inspiring to watch them grow from an idea to a multi million-dollar business. To see a client grow and succeed is fantastic but to see a community prosper from this same success is exhilarating.

When designing from an utmost sense of quality, it’s amazing to see how design, music and art can expand a community’s economy. To invest in good design stretches your audience base and allows you to be seen in the world with respect.

Coming from this place of integrity is how we work with others and in turn help community. Moving from a sense of confidence and putting our clients at ease allows us to enjoy the process. The journey needs to match the end result. We invite you to meet with us, share your ideas and share that journey.

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Product | Package Design

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Environmental Design | Exhibit, Museum, Gallery and Trade-shows