Why Glyphics Design is Different

We give you high quality, with attention to detail artistic flare and visual identity that sets you apart from the rest.

Whether a brochure or a museum design we approach the job with the same care and desire to give you the highest quality results that visually tantalize your audience. We stay on budget because we are fast, organized and we listen to your needs from the beginning.

Visual Designs are something we want you to see, touch, smell, and feel being totally engaged in it — that is what dynamic visual design does, which is what Glyphics is all about.

Who’s Behind it All…

Terry Duffy, Visual design director and founder of Glyphics

The creation of art is not a choice for me. I have to create. I don’t direct my art, it directs me. The creative force has both led me, and pushed me. It has woven its way through all aspects of my life and formed who I am.

Terry Duffy, Visual design director, is the award-winning founder of Glyphics.

She specializes in providing effective, bold visual design that  awakens your soul and speaks to your head and heart. Terry’s work is carefully researched and thought provoking, allowing each client’s ideas to speak in a quality and artistic manner.

Owning her own business since 1985, Terry has extensive experience in branding and corporate identity packages, promotional campaigns, book design, magazine design, museum exhibition, trade shows and environmental graphics. Terry is a fine artist working in acrylic on canvas, mixed media, and photography. Combining this creativity with press expertise and a vast knowledge of color and paper sets her apart in the visual design industry. Her uncanny business acumen, keen insight into human nature and easy-going personality helps her clients achieve success while enjoying the process and the results.

Becky Kristine Ankeny, Art Director and Illustrator

After acquiring a degree in fine arts at Arizona State University in 1995, Becky Kristine Ankeny has been working in the graphic design industry ever since. Becky’s focus is on extensive projects that encompass every phase of concept, illustration, design, production and job management. Her extensive computer knowledge and design abilities, together with organizational skills, allow her to seamlessly work through all design demands. With these assets, she easily stepped into the roll of art director of large exhibit design projects, expanding her knowledge in this arena. Coupled with her own fine art, she displays style and artistic command with all her clients’ projects.

Becky’s humble nature, playful personality, quiet enthusiasm and desire to do good in the world makes her an incredible team player, always wanting to expand her talents.

Andrew Gartner, Exhibition and Interior Design

An architect by training, Andrew’s impeccable sense of style has taken him into many design arenas. He has more than twenty years’ experience in architectural planning, design and development as well as experience in museum exhibition design including curatorial, exhibit fabrication, set design and fabrication for film and television, interactive theme park design including show, ride, theater and computer stations.

He gained much of his experience in Lucas Film Ltd Skywalker development and as director of Exhibits at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico and New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Since then, he created Gartner Design to practice his many skills. Some of his clients and projects include: Anheuser Busch, Winston Churchill Museum, BRC Imagination Art, VW New Art of Life, Canoyer Hedric, Scottsdale Technology Center, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure Themed Restaurant, The Challenger Space and Learning Center. The new addition of the Halle Heart Children’s Museum shows his whimsical side and ability to oversee large projects in a detailed and thoughtful manner. Andrew brings an extensive and three-dimensional aspect to Glyphics’ portfolio.

We bring Andrew in when we need a spectacular three-dimensional design. With Andrew’s architectural background, he is able to work easily within budgets by utilizing his vast knowledge of materials and tools to produce results that are exciting and evocative. His ability to oversee large projects enables us to get bigger than life. His passion for all levels of his craft, attention to detail and exuberant personality is infectious and filters into every project, affecting those who work with him.