Overview of Style

The other thing that sets us apart is that we’re all fine visual artists. We use vivid color, texture and strong, dynamic type fonts; which equal high-quality visual design that pleases your eye.

We start with sketches and collages to gather our inspiration. Creating a fine-art piece first. This unique process sets us apart from graphic designers but even better, it allows us to continually be creatively inspired!

Services We Provide

Glyphics comes from hieroglyphics, civilization’s first logos and branding. Branding, to us, is the application of symbols, how we connect with them and find meaning through the ages. We give it an original and new look that correlates to you and your company and connects to your audience, your clients, and your customers. By starting with something that vibrates meaning and soul from the past, it speaks to people cross-culturally.

Perhaps you’re a small company now but will turn into the next Apple. With that in mind it’s our intent to think ahead and see your design and branding as what works now and will fit into the future. We really listen to you, our client, getting to the heart and soul of how you want your business represented visually, as it grows and thrives into the future. Utilizing your current goals and vision we create an all-encompassing design that expresses you and your company completely.

We love to be creatively challenged so give us
your wildest idea and let’s see what we can do.

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