Logos are the first symbol to create in order to tell people who you are. A strong versatile logo allows you to move in many directions with ease.

They take time and thought to make them come alive. Ideally you as the client would really do yourself and your designer a favor by starting a logo file. In your file would be snippets of design likes and dislikes. Logos that you’ve seen that you really like, colors that you find that you relate to, fonts and type styles that you like or really dislike. Anything that you would throw into this file would give your designer a path to your business identity that resembles you. Once we see who you are or who you want to be, then we start researching more styles in this genre and start sketching. To us free-hand sketching enables us to quickly and loosely play with ideas that may eventually go to the computer and get tightened up with appropriate fonts and colors. It may be pages and pages of sketches that are created before we find six to ten that we think make the cut.

A logo design always has to start with the logo being brilliant in black and white. There will always come a time when you will need to show your logo in black and white and it needs to read as a strong distinct brand that stands out on the page. Once we’ve shown the client some initial sketches and possibly a black and white version that we feel strongly about, we explain where they came from and why. The client then gives us their feedback and narrows down the list and hopefully we go in and make changes to 2-3 that will then go to color and be refined from there. The end result needs to work small and large on signage and possibly as large as a bill board. It’s a mark that needs to smoothly work in many different arenas and more than anything make the client proud and excited to show people and share their wares, whats and hows.

For us it’s thrilling to hear clients say “every time I show someone my card, they always say something wonderful about it.”

Communicating clearly and listening to what you want makes the process move smoothly allowing us to take this brand and use it on other elements. Now the real fun begins!